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Creating a good matrimonial profile or online bio-data

BY: Nidhi | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2008-11-30

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In this article I will tell you the most important things one should consider for creating a good online matrimonial profile. Looking a bride or a groom online is not just about signing up on sites like Shaadi, Simply marry, Bharat Matrimony and others, it is just the beginning. Once your profile goes online it is literally competing with thousands and millions of other matrimonial profiles already on the internet. Therefore when you make your online bio-data or matrimonial profile do consider these things. Remember, first impressions are the last impressions.

This is the most important part of creating a good matrimonial profile. I know many of you are very hesitant about putting your photo (or your daughter's photo ) online, the truth is when there are thousands of other profiles with photos and if you do not put yours then its a great disadvantage. A good photo increases responses by 5-10 times. No one on internet is literally waiting for you to put a picture online so that they can start misusing it. I cannot emphasize more on the importance of adding a photo in your profile.

* Get a picture taken in a studio by a professional photographer rather than compromising the one you already have.
* Do not dress overly modern or overly conservative. Do not take picture in awkward poses.
- For Boys: Shirt and pant or shirt and blue jeans (no sunglasses or tie please).
- For Girls: Salwaar-suit, regular saree or a Casual top and jeans. (Very light makeup and minimal jewelery. No T-shirts please)

Do not try to appear like a super-model, simply dress smart. Professional photographer, good light and background will do rest of the magic. One photo showing facial features and upper half of the body is enough.

Options presented by the matrimonial profile while creating your profile should be selected very carefully. It helps to categorize your profile very accurately in their system. Many people think that specifying everything in the paragraph where you describe yourself is good enough, but it's not. Those detailed de scriptions are read by interesting candidates only when they reach your profile, you still need to follow the formats presented by these sites.

For example: When matrimonial site asks you "Do you smoke", many people just leave it blank thinking it is a useless question. If you do not smoke, you are better off selecting the option "I don't Smoke". Similarly when they ask about your religion, caste or martial status, take each option seriously. Clearly use the specific allocated sections to describe about yourself, your family, goals, education, profession, hobbies, aspirations and expectations from your soul mate. You will have a much better chance to meet people who match your requirements.

Be smart about not disclosing "too much" about yourself. Just give brief but adequate information. A very lengthy profile can make your profile boring. If you have studied in an IIT, simply mention that, and do not go into your grades and schooling details, all that can be discussed later. Write about your professional and educational background. Write about any special achievements and your future plans. Write briefly about your family members and how many brother and sisters you are and profession of your parents. What you expect from your partner. Think your profile as a 2-3 minute face to face interview where you have to tell about yourself, your profile should reflect your personality. Always check for spellings and grammar mistakes. Get a Second Opinion - tell someone else to check it who you believe will be able to give a good advice. Taking advice from elderly can make your online matrimonial profile too conservative.

Do not be very strict about your requirements. If you want to get married in the same cast as yours, then it is best to specify, what I mean is that you should prioritize your requirements. At the same time do not sound desperate to get married in your profile. If you do not get a good response from someone whom you are interested in, do not get disheartened - learn to move on.

These memberships do offer great advantages, especially if you are planning to get married within the next few months. It helps to cut down the communication time with people who contact you. It also helps to make you more popular in the searches.

Do some reverse engineering, pretend as if you were the one looking for profiles like yours. View some of the top search results and see what information do they have that you are missing.

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