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How Squidoo is a great piece of tool for online marketers

BY: DrRitu | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2010-01-19

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Article writing is one sure way to get traffic to your website, we all know this and hence so many writers continuously posts SEO optimized articles to directories like Ezine, Hubpages, Squidoo etc. I started writing articles some 4 years ago. It started more as a hobby than a profession. I never realized the strength of article writing. When I fist developed my website some two years back, I was amazed to realize the power of article writing in bringing quality traffic to your website / blog. I have a big regret within me that if I would have started my website/ blog parallel to my article writing then by know I would have made handsome pocket money for my daily spending. But better late than never, today I have realized the power of article writing and I would like to share my experience with all of you.

I am not going to talk about how to write SEO optimized articles and submission to article directories; rather I will share my experience and sheer strength of Squidoo in giving huge traffic to your website. Squidoo is just like article directories but they also include some cool stuffs that increases the readability of your article.

There is rumor that google no longer favors Squidoo, but do not believe these trash. A well written Squidoo lenses has the power of ranking higher than your Ezine published articles. If Ezine is God, Squidoo is a demigod. The best thing about squidoo lenses (pages) is its power to rank higher and higher with time. Generally ezine ranks very high during the initial weeks of article submission, but the ranking falls very rapidly after that. But with squidoo the reverse is true, your lense / pages will rank lower in initial few weeks but will gain momentum with time.

When it come to optimizing your article to make it search engine friendly, the focus of all attention should be on the keywords. Keywords bring traffic to your website. Hence selection of keyword is very important. Select a keyword which is popular and searched by a large section of a society. After you have selected the right keyword, place these keyword in the Url. Squidoo gives a great flexibility of allowing users to format the Url. Suppose you are writing content on movies (movie is your keyword), then the word movie must appear in your url. Ideally your Url should be www.squidoo.com/ movie.

After you are done with the url, the next most important formatting required in your Squidoo lenses is the title of your lenses. Again your keyword must appear in the title. Like, -The Best Movie of the Year 2009-.

The importance of maintaining keywords in your article is to make search engine spiders know that your lens/page is related to what? If the word movie appears in the Url, title then they get an idea that this lens is about -movie-. Squidoo allows you to give a small introduction about your lens. This is particularly important for large lenses of say thousand words. Try to maintain at least 2% keyword density in your introduction. By scanning your introduction, if search engine spiders find 2% times the word -movie- repeated they will rank your lens higher in search engine ranking for the word -movie-.

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