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How to write a perfect Blog

BY: DrRitu | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2010-01-19

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Internet based business are on a roll, and anybody who has some interest in computer and internet will know that online earning has become very much possible. Do not spend a dime extra, if you have a personal computer and an internet connection, you are all set to take the world of internet business by storm. These days every one has computer in their home and internet is nearly essential. You book tickets, read email, listen to music, surf web, but did you know that you can make your personal computer a money making machine. Yes is possible, you can actually earn form your computer.

Develop a website of your own and you can earn money. If you are new to internet then you probably do not know much about website making. Hence a better advice for you will be a blog. You can create blogs free of cost and its fairly. The biggest blogging community is blogspot.com. You start a blog and type your articles on it. Its same like you do typing in a notepad or MS word files. Type your article, give it a suitable title and publish it. Your blog is ready to be read by the world. Internet community is not limited to a country or region. You blog can be visible to people sitting on the North Pole.

The biggest advantage of blog is that you don't need to write like you have written in your essay writing competition or exams. Blogging community writes in the most care free manner and preferably in the most colloquial manner. That is why blogs are read by such and liked by the masses. Writing a blog shall be as if you are interacting with your readers in person. This is the uniqueness of blogs. I will write a blog the same way I will talk to my friend. There is no touch of high hitting words, difficult sentences and heavy lectures. In plain colloquial English language you write blog as if you are speaking to an audience.

A pro blogger takes great care in maintaining the curiosity in his blog. When you write with a flow of thoughts, the readers also read your articles with a flow. All readers like to read article where the thoughts flow like a calm river. Keep your readers glues to each and every word you write. The clue is to write on topics in which you have knowledge and command. I know many will say, I do not have authority in any one topic. Yes, you are right, but start reading blogs and articles on website. Focus your reading on one or few topics only. Give yourself a weeks time. In these 7 days, just read. Do not write a sentence. Just go on reading, on your eighth day write at length on whatever you have read. When you are writing do not think anything else. Let your mind wander but thing only about the topic you are writing. In matter of few months you will learn the trick of reading and writing in parallel.

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