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New Year Beliefs and Myths, New Year Resolutions

BY: Eve | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-12-12

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The New Year is just a few days away. This is the time of year where most people would be making preparations for the coming year. Where I come from, the preparations would include abundant delicious foods, family reunions and lots of merry making. There are people here who are serious about preparations for the coming year based on their beliefs and myths passed on to them from older generations. Such beliefs and myths have been instilled in their way of life, and consequently have been practiced as traditions in the way we celebrate the coming New Year. Also included in this tradition are making new year resolutions which they try to follow the whole year round to improve their life altogether.

One of the well-known and practiced beliefs here when celebrating New Year is having all new things around the home. That would mean new clothes, shoes and accessories to wear, new curtains and new decors to be added into the home. If you can't buy many new things, you must at least do some repainting to make a new look for the home, take out and throw away all broken things, do general cleaning all over the place and make sure that everything is clean, orderly and sterile. If you don't, it is believed that your home would be considered unlucky because you didn't clean away all the negative vibrations that have lived there the previous year. If you don't buy something new for yourself or for the home, then you would be wearing old clothes for the whole year and you would be using old appliances that break down and other things inside the house that would make your life somehow miserable.

It is also believed that anything round is lucky to celebrate the New Year. We believe in wearing polka dots in green and red colors to invite luck for ourselves. We buy round fruits like melons, oranges, apples, kiwi, pears, pineapple and coconut. They're supposed to bring good luck and wealth to the home. This myth has been practiced for so many years and proofs of its reality have been told thru stories passed on by family generations of most people who believed in it. Then 12- 15 gold coins (representing the 12 months of the year plus a little more expectation of more good luck to come in excess of the 12 months) should also put in all pockets to invite good luck. Having the same number of coins in your pocket is believed as a myth for one to have all year round money on yourself and your pockets, too. The same number of coins should also be put inside wallets, bags and pouches. Some even place a bag of these coins and hang this on the front door, windows or placed on the first step of a staircase. Well, you may think it is weird, but over here it's an ordinary old tradition practiced by most people even the rich or poor. And to top it all, as soon as twelve midnight sounds off, everybody throws coins in front of the door, and then all kids and adults have fun in picking up these coins! This is believed to be sharing good luck with everyone else.

New Year here wouldn't be complete without noise- firecrackers, firecrackers and more firecrackers all over the place! It's a belief that this is a good way to welcome the New Year and drive away the old and negative vibrations around the place. Firecrackers light up the sky and the streets. It may add to pollution in the air but then, it's only for this time of the year that you get to forget about being green' and instead look forward to the luck this old belief brings into your life.

Lastly, the New Year resolutions as part of the tradition are basically simple for everybody to do. It is just improving you and getting rids of your bad habits. If you make a New Year resolution of not getting to work late, then you should do it. Anything you promise to improve is considered a resolution you choose to do. In this case, like promises are made to be broken as the saying goes, so expect these resolutions to be broken as well. Then there is also the midnight mass to be celebrated; after which the whole family gathers for a festive meal that would last in the early morning.

Suffice to say, the New Year is the time of year that should be looked forward to. It should be expected with happy thoughts, high hopes and positive changes in our life. It is a time to move on, not dwelling on the past but instead going forward to take on new opportunities and challenges that come along. We must be able to thank the New Year that would usher more blessings, good luck, opportunities and good things to come into our lives.

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