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Website Marketing and Article Directories

BY: DrRitu | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2010-01-18

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As discussed earlier in my older posts, Google Adsense can fetch you good revenues if you are considering an option of owning a website and generating revenues from it. All online business (in fact all business) has a limitation in terms of numbers of customer they can reach to sell their product. To increase the reach all business organizations (may be online business) needs proper marketing strategy in place to publicize their brand name and make their product known to their customers.

When we are talking about website traffic, marketing is the back bone. A good and dedicated marketing of website can assure steady regular flow of traffic and hence better revenues. Website or online marketing has come of age, in fact in last few years the options available to market your website has increased leaps and bonds. The easiest and most effective is article submission.

There are numerous of free article submission directories that give excellent service and marketing tools helping you to market your website. When you write an article be sure about few things like, keywords, keyword relevance of your article, keyword relevance of your title, uniqueness of content, use of anchor text to send trackbacks to your website, your website landing page must be optimized with the keyword of your article.

When you are deciding to write an article for an article director with the objective of marketing your website, be sure do a small research about the keywords. These keywords are the words that a user types on google to display the search results. If your articles is written on keywords that is the most search world on this earth then the chances of your article getting viewed increases. Search for a keyword which is very popularly searches and it must be relevant to your website.

When you start writing your article be sure that the keyword relevance of your article is maintained. What I mean to say is, if you have decide to write of fast cars, then do not write a lot about roads, heavy traffic, suitable tiers etc. In order to keep a check on your wandering while writing your article, be sure to maintain the keyword density. This is a big check, if your want to maintain at least 3% key word density in your article on fast cars, then the word -fast cars- shall come at least that many times. If your article is 500 words then fast cars must ne repeated at least 15 times in your article. When search engine robots scans your article and comes about -fast cars- fifteen times it understands that this article is about fast cars and indexes your article high in search engine rankings. When a user types -fast cars- in google, your article on fast cars will appear (say) on first page. Relevancy of your article with respect to the key word is very important. Similarly the title of your article must contain your keyword.

Be sure to write unique and keyword optimized articles, you will certainly drive good traffic to your website.

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