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Writing and Writer's Block: Useful Tips To Prevent It

BY: Eve | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2010-01-20

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As a writer, you may be the type of person who must be full of ideas about subjects that you want to write about. People think that ideas just flow into your mind completely and you just have the knack to immediately write about them. Maybe, then maybe not; there comes a time when you just can't seem to write about anything. Worst, your mind just suddenly goes blank, no ideas seem to be in your mind, and if there is one, you can't even come up with a title, nor can you come up with the right words to compose your first sentence. That condition, though temporary is referred to as Writer's Block.

This problem for most writers is considered normal. Even the most popular and most experienced writers have experienced the writer's block. Some writers are comforted by the knowledge that this problem is shared by most writers and they have come up with some useful tips on how to prevent this problem.

One useful and helpful tip is to be assertive and positive about you as a writer. Always try to think about the purpose of your writings and how you want to share your ideas with your readers. As a writer, you may have the habit of writing in solace and being alone with your thoughts. Being alone can sometimes get to you, and may trigger some emotional setback that would lead to writer's block. If you think this is a reason for your problem, then you just have to deal with it directly. Try to go out more often to keep in touch with loved ones or friends or you can take a walk outside to clear your mind. At times, a change of venue would help you feel better and relaxed, you would be able to get new ideas from the ambiance around you, and having some useful conversation with friends would spark new ideas as well.

Another helpful tip is just to keep on writing; anything that comes to your mind you write down on your pad and consider these as your notes which you can use later on. If you are stuck with a particular subject, and you just can't think of what to write next, you may just as well take a pause, divert to another form of writing like writing an email to a friend and sending it quickly. This can be a quick ‘escape' from your writing routine.

Though there may be no clear cut solutions to the writer's block problem, it is still not considered a major problem for writers. Some writers believe that the problem comes from the writers themselves, and the way they think, feel and deal with their emotions. So to counter off this problem, the writers must always be in their positive modes and should always try to think positively about everything that has to do with their writings.

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