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Common Mistakes Banks Make

BY: Deidre Dorsett | Category: Issues | Submitted: 2010-07-13 19:58:30
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There are many out there who say that banks don't make mistakes. We have found this not to be true. We went looking for the most common mistakes that have been made by banks. When you read this, you will have a different opinion. When you read this, you will see why back in the day, your parents or grandparents might have been hesitant about putting their money in the banks.

The first mistake that some have made and this you will find is that banks tend to hire many people who don't know how to count. You think they don't. You think that they should be able to count money, but many of the tellers don't. there have been many people who have been given too much or too little and therefore the teller gets in trouble. This is one of the first ones we noticed.

Another thing we have noticed is that they enter the wrong about to be placed in an account. There have been many who have typed an extra zero or so forth. When people go to check their balance, they find that they have way more than they should have.

Yet, this one will really surprise you, but it happens all the time. They might put the money in another account due to the fact that they take a quick glance at the account. When you look at this, you find that the money never got deposited to your account. However, many of us don't think about that either and then when we go to take money out, we overdraft our account.

Some banks forget to get your signature. This happens more in the drive thru than anything. When this happens, they can't process something and you are left waiting for that deposit or so forth. This can be very annoying. You might find that you might actually switch banks in hopes that this never happens again.

Some will find that they don't update their systems enough. When this happens, many look online at their checking account and think hey this sounds great. However, when you look into this, you find that you don't have that much. Many times, people spend way more than what they actually have and therefore they have to pay an overdraft fee.

The last thing that we have found is that many banks charge you for things that they don't tell you that they are charging you for. They have hidden fees that they don't make known to you. When you have this and when you find this, you have to then call them and ask what a charge is. This is something that many banks do.

These are all things that people have commented about with the banks. These are things that they have dealt with and they can be problematic. So, do banks make mistakes? Yes, however they are human too.

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