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Having to Say Goodbye

BY: Evelyn Lalisan | Category: Relationships | Submitted: 2010-04-22 18:51:00
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To most people saying goodbye is hard. True, especially if you are saying goodbye to a loved one, an important person who is a part of your life and to someone whom you thought you would never say goodbye in the first place.

For starters, when do you say goodbye? We are not talking about the ordinary bye and see you later...this is more of the emotional, deeper meaning of the word to your life.

For all the reasons in the world, you may have to say goodbye to your lover,boyfriend or girlfriend. How do you do it? Some say they talk it over with the person concerned, others make a note or letter, some make it through a phone call...still others just disappear, and not being around anymore means goodbye to the other person.

How do you say goodbye to a person who would be out of your life forever? Dying parents have ample time to say goodbye to their children and other family members...they leave tokens, words of love and encouragement, care and a lot of memories not to be forgotten. It is always hard to say goodbye to dying parent...sometimes it may be better if the goodbyes would just be made in the form of prayers, a bit soothing but still emotional.

Saying goodbye is just as hard as letting go. Because when you let go, you are saying goodbye to that part of you that you won't have anything to do with anymore. You say goodbye to a person whom you want to cut ties with. It can be painful and it could hurt a lot...but yet you would have to endure it for the right reasons.

Saying goodbye for the right reasons? Only you can answer that. If the person you love initiates it, you would do everything to prevent it. But if nothing else works, you might just have to accept it and try to move on. Yes, it is easier said than done, but that's how it really works.

In our life, we meet different challenges. Sad to say, one of those challenges is having to say goodbye. Be it to a loved one, your parents,relatives, friends, colleagues and even to your pets, saying goodbye is jsut one of those challenges in life that we have to face. We must be able to handle it for we would never know how many more goodbyes we would have to do in our lifetime.

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