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How to Bubble Tea to Drink Red Dates? | Jujube Tea

BY: Lucya Meng | Category: Health | Submitted: 2011-01-02 02:16:17
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As follows: prepare a thermos bottle, every night before going to sleep will be ten to twenty (the number of random) to the core dates into the hot water has been boiled, such as water and then immediately open flame, poured into pre-prepared thermos bottle inside, soaked overnight in the morning you can drink enough weight to about two or three cups a day but is worth the necessary attention to the dates necessary to go nuclear, otherwise it will be too hot. Drinking after a period of time, you will find the magical effect of the color red dates to improve less face spots, even without makeup, flushed cheeks is not very old but also not afraid to be turned into a Huanglian Po.

Introduction of several dates the practice of tea:

Dates can enhance the physical, to enhance the effectiveness of muscle strength. Which contains cAMP, can expand coronary artery, increased myocardial contractility, and contains ingredients such as hawthorn acid, inhibit the effects of cancer. Dates of high sugar content, the occurrence of heat, therefore particularly suitable for winter consumption. The brewing method dates are as follows:

A) The necessary materials jujube tea: 5 g dates, cut with a knife, to the core, into the cup.
Modulation: A boiling water, daily for tea.
Efficacy: spleen and stomach, nourishing blood, Qi Sheng Jin. Most people can take, especially for women and digestive function of poor people.

B) The dates wolfberry tea The necessary materials are - dates 25 grams, 20 grams medlar, amount of brown sugar:
Modulation: A red dates (pitted) and wolfberry fruit into the pot, add some water boiling.
2 dates cooked soft, add brown sugar, mix thoroughly, and serve.
Effects: to be effective in preventing high blood pressure.

C) The barley materials needed --- jujube tea) 50 grams of barley, dates 25 grams, 2 grams of green tea.
Modulation: 1 green tea with boiling water.
2 barley and dates (to the core) mixed into the amount of water cook until soft, along with.
3 into the green tea juice, and then together and cook for 3 minutes, until the cooler you can drink.
Efficacy: to assist detoxification, effective cancer.

D) Ginseng tea, red dates, materials needed ---) 25 grams of ginseng, red dates, 25 grams, 5 grams of black tea.
Modulation: 1 ginseng, red dates (pitted) clean backup.
2 together with the above material into the pot, cook the tea.
Efficacy: improvement of blood deficiency, enhance the physical, the vitality restored.

E) Black tea fungus, red dates, materials needed) black fungus 12 grams, 10 grams of red dates, amount of crystal sugar.
Modulation: a red dates (pitted) and black fungus with a cup to warm water immersion.
2 by adding the amount of water and rock sugar, 1 hour in the steam into the steamer and serve.
Efficacy: The blood to effectively improve the symptoms of anemia.


1. Jujube can enhance human immunity, and inhibition of cancer cells: pharmacological study found that white blood cells can promote the formation of red dates, lower serum cholesterol, increased serum albumin, to maintain the liver, inhibition of cancer cells also contain dates, or even transformation of normal cells to cancer cells to the material;
2. Regular consumption of fresh dates, few people suffering from gallstones, because the vitamin C rich fresh dates in the body of excess cholesterol into bile acids, cholesterol gallstone formation less the probability will be reduced;
3. Jujube is rich in calcium and iron, producing anemia, osteoporosis prevention and treatment plays an important role, often in the elderly menopausal osteoporosis, is the peak of growth and development of young people and women more prone to anemia, there is his jujube ideal therapeutic effect, the effect of drugs usually can not be compared
4. For people who physically weak after the illness has a good tonic;
5. Jujube contains rutin, a softening of the blood vessels so that blood pressure lowering substances, the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of hypertension;
6. Jujube can be anti-allergy, in addition to fishy smell, Ning Anshen, puzzle brain, increase appetite.

Treatment efficacy of sweet dates, nature, Rupi, stomach;
There replenishing spleen, nourish Yin and Blood, uneasiness of mind, ease the effects of the medicine's effectiveness;

For the treatment of spleen-deficiency due to eat less, diarrhea, dirty women, yin deficiency caused by impatient card, physically weak after the illness for human consumption, jujube is also a good tonic effect; this product Gan Wen Qi, Yang Yun quality blood, sweet and can ease the effects of the medicine, used for blood deficiency and toxicity of drugs alleviate the strong nature.
1. Nourishing nerves: pale complexion for blood deficiency and heart failure has raised, blood dirty impatient person;
2. Buzhong: The governance of the gas shortage, spleen and stomach caused by various certificates;
3. Ease the effects of the medicine: compatibility with Quxie drug can slow the nature of its strong toxicity, in order to protect integrity.

1. Good jujube skin color purple, large and uniform grain, fruit-line short-strong round, fewer wrinkles, signs of light; If more than wrinkles, signs of deep, fruit lines clashing, you are poor and immature succulent fresh dates made from dry goods; if the dates pedicle perforation or a sticky side with brown or dark brown powder that had been moth-eaten;
2. Too much stomach acid can cause excessive consumption of jujube and bloating;
3. Jujube rotting under the action of microorganisms produce acid and methanol, people will eat rotten dates dizziness, visual disorders, toxic reactions, and might endanger the life, so to attract attention;
4. Raw, the Zaopi easy to stay in the intestine and difficult to discharge, it should spit Zaopi eating dates;
5. Dates will eat up more gas, bloating phenomenon of pregnant women not eat if a date does not matter if the drink red date soup.

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