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Latest Cars Models in the Philippines: Toyota

BY: Maya Ballesteros | Category: Cars, Bikes and Trucks | Submitted: 2010-09-05 09:32:25
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Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) Corp. is hoping for an achievable 8 percent jump in sales in 2010. They are hoping to top 50,000 units as compared to 46,193 units in 2009. The aspiration seems valid considering the positive economical environment, especially in the market of automotive. The TMP is also hanging their hopes on the new models launching this year, including the new hybrid cars which will surely attract a new segment in the target market.

The sales of Lexus has been upbeat despite the range of price while two of its best selling models, Innova and Vios, are still enjoying steady numbers of sales. The marketing teams are to be given credits as well, as Toyota is well known for giving out strategic deals, ones especially for the Innova and Vios, as well as holiday related promotion like roadside assistance to Holy Week motorists.

With a new President in place, the TMP hopes to see a better year in 2010, as expressed by the man himsel, Michinobu Sugata. "There are many positive signs in the auto market," said Sugata.
He was optimistic especially due to the fact that Asia and especially the Philippines did not necessarily feel the impact of global financial crisis while the automotive market, after having taken a minor hit, has made a tremendous recovery starting October of 2009.

Hopes for growth in sales in 2010 are also due to the healthy sales of two of Toyota's best products, the Innova and Vios.

For 2010, TMP has launched a new model of Innova, a tougher version in the Innova Sport Runner. Everything that is the signature comfort of the Toyota Innova is still features in this model, along with the enhancement of the exterior, which is designed for more of a sporty feeling.

The new Innova SR comes in 2.5-liter diesel manual of P999,000 and automatic transmission of P1.064 million. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) Corp. hopes to confirm Innova's stature of Phillippines best selling multi-purpose vehicle. Toyota Innova in the Philippines has kept a steady sales at 900 units every month since its first launch in 2005.

"The Sport Runner is a fresh addition to the Innova line-up. While the Innova has been consistently performing very well since its 2005 introduction, averaging 900 units per month in sales, we understand that there are customers who are also looking for a tougher or sportier look that will compliment the Innova's driving performance and riding comfort. We are confident that this new variant will further solidify the Innova's position as the best-selling MPV, and will contribute to TMP's overall sales leadership," said Raymond Rodriguez, First Vice President for Vehicle Sales.

Vios, the passenger car, also falls under the category of a best seller. The model sells arounf 1,000 units every month. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) Corp. new President Sugata mentions that they are really paying full attention to the assembly of the Innova and Vios which take place in Sta Rosa, Laguna plant. The plant produces 22,000 unit in 2009, not a bad record as the number is pretty close to the maximum production capacity of 25,000 units.

The new models entering the Philippines market in 2010 are hybrid cars, according to Sugata. The Prius registered a sale of 20 units in 2009 and the TMP is looking to sale about the same amount of units in 2010. Having served in Toyota Motor Thailand for three years and Toyota Motor Asia Pacific for a year in Singapore before coming to the Philippines, Sugata hopes for as many people as possible to experience the wonder of Prius. He added that the sale of the hybrid which is quite an expensive unit needs the support of local government.

Introducing the hybrid technology of the Prius also puts Toyota as a leader in the promotion of environment friendly technology in the Philippines. This will serve well in the quest of keeping up the good job the company had done in 2009 where it hit the milestone of selling 600,000 units of vehicle, two years after hitting the half a million number.

Trust in the Toyota brand is strong especially after the initiative recall done by the company itself early this year, after it was found out manufacturing process has resulted in faulty breaks for the units sold in Philippines, among others. This is definitely a good foundation for the hope of a good sales year in 2010.

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