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Lemon and Tomato For Acne, Anti Aging, Age Spots, Blemishes, Pimples.

BY: kendra richards | Category: Women | Submitted: 2010-09-05 00:33:46
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Many of us women spend thousands of dollars on facial products that end up in the back of our medicine cabinet. Why do we keep spending so much money on products that are not worth the money? Because that is all we know. We buy a product in hopes that it will clear away our acne, spots, blemishes, signs of aging. Instead of spending all that money on products that don't help why not try something new, cheap and worthy of our beautiful skin.

I threw out these products a long time ago when I discovered something much better and much more effective. Fruits. Oranges, lemons, tomatoes and blueberries.

Fruit on your face? Is probably what is going through your head right now but it works! Just give it a try. You can use the pulp and/or juices on your face. I have been using these fruits for quite some time now and I never use store bought products anymore. I keep a small container in my shower, containing: Lemon pulp and juice, tomato pulp and juice. You can add oatmeal to help it stick better.

You should leave the juice and pulp of the fruit of your preference - on your face for at least 15 minutes. Just use it the same way you would with a facial cleanser. Rub in a circular motion all over your face. I leave it on my face while I shower then, by the time I am finished with my shower the fruit is ready to be rinsed off.

Lemon is an amazing cleaner. You can even use it as a body cleanse by drinking it. Blueberries are known for their wonder working antioxidants and using this on your skin means anti aging as well. Tomato can be used for exfolliating. It will slough off any dead skin and leave your face looking smooth, soft and firm.

Use the lemon pulp and juice with the tomato pulp and juice and it will do both ridding your face of dead skin and clearing up any spots and acne. You will also notice a difference in the size of your pores. This regimen reduces the appearance of large pores and will leave a nice, soft texture to your skin. It will leave your skin feeling soft and youthful.

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wow! really great! It works like magic! I have had problems with pretty bad blemishes and acne ever since the age of 13 and never could find anything that worked! Then after just using this method for about 3 weeks i saw dramatic improvement in my skin! Thank You! Savannah Howard - Author 2012-05-31 21:58:29 155

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