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Oooh I Am Breathing You Jesus

BY: Phyllia Mashumba | Category: Religion | Submitted: 2011-09-13 10:49:42
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You are my friend Jesus,
You are my everything Jesus,
I can not do anything without you Jesus Christ,
My Heart is you,
Oooh I am breathing you Jesus.

You have raised me from the dust,
You mold me again for I was broken into dust,
Your hands are owesome Jesus,
Jesus the lover of my heart,
Oooh I am breathing you Jesus.

Jesus you are my comforter in life,
You wipe away all doubt and fear inside me,
All my tears you take them and resolve them into blessings,
I love you Jesus again and again,
Oooh I am breathing you Jesus.

Jesus you raised my children with your loving arms,
You embrace them with your mighty glorious hands,
You blessed them and give them intelligence and joy inside their hearts,
Jesus you are their father,
Jesus you are their lives,
Jesus the teacher of my children,
The protector of my siblings,
Oooh I am breathing you Jesus

Jesus the changer of life,
From dust to riches,
From sickness to a testimony of healing,
My Great Physician Jesus,
Oooh I am breathing you Jesus.

Jesus the bone of my body,
Jesus you are my flesh,
My soul is happy with you,
Your surrounding is so sweet,
I can feel you all over me Jesus,
What a lovely comforter and lover I have in my life,
Oooh I am breathing you Jesus.

Jesus I want to be with you always,
Jesus Jesus Jesus,
I love this name,
You are holy Jesus,
I always see your holiness in my life everyday,
Holy Holy Holy Holy Jesus you are holy,
Oooh I am breathing you Jesus.

The Great father of Heaven and earth,
Greet all heavenly Angels for me, say to them I love them all,
One day I will come and praise the Messiah together in Heaven,
I love you Jesus,
My love for you Jesus is very very tenderly,
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus,
Oooh I am breathing you Jesus.

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