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Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) - MS Or Masters in United States

BY: Guest User | Category: Education | Submitted: 2010-08-08 19:14:56
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This is just a sample statement of purpose, please modify this SOP according to your needs:

Living just for existence has never been the objective of my life. I have always looked forward to get the best out of life. The desire to be fully satisfied with my work led me to take admission in one of the best universities, California State University, California. After completing my post graduation studies I intend to pursue a software oriented career to strengthen my ultimate professional ambition.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to the admission committee. My career objective is to do the best I can in the field of computers. It is my belief that pursuing studies at your reputed institute would be the natural and correct step towards this goal. Four years of undergraduate education at ABC College of Engineering, has, in addition to providing me a strong background, engendered in me a desire to learn more.

The unique Bachelor of Engineering program at ABC College, offers a Bachelor's degree in computer science at the end of four years. The most unique thing about the course is that, we take courses in all the branches of Computer i.e. hardware as well as software. It also included Electronic Communication which made the concepts of telecommunication quite clear. Apart from this, it also taught me programming in assembly language with 8085 microprocessor unit. I also got a learning of interfacing the microprocessor with 8255 programmable peripheral device. The rigorous curriculum of the program is a unique blend of theory and experiments with an emphasis on research and originality. Apart from its regular courses, the program offers an introductory course in Entrepreneurship. The rigorous curriculum and an excellent faculty have instilled in me a tremendous liking for the area of computers.

I have actively pursued courses and projects to enhance my knowledge in the area of computers, both hardware and software. In my third year of undergraduate study I was involved in the project for data recovery from crashed hard disk. The work involved the recovery of data from crashed hard disk, which is corrupted through any failure and also included the reading of all file allocation tables. My other project included the testing of 2-input digital IC. This was achieved by interfacing the 8085 microprocessor unit with the 8255 programmable peripheral device. This was of a great success to me as it taught me to write scientific reports and assembly language programming in an internationally accepted format.

Working in the laboratory has given me exposure to all kinds of instruments involved in the hardware and constituents of the 8085, 8086 microprocessor and even the 8255 programmable peripheral interface. The fundamental subjects have helped me to understand the working principles of the instruments, which make the handling much simpler. The practical experience has provided me the confidence to handle even the complicated instruments on my own.

Studying in a premier institute like ABC College has given me an opportunity to work with students having similar motivation and aspirations. Apart from academics, I have developed a personality on all fronts with active involvement in social work, sports, dramatics, and debating, striking a perfect balance between work and play. These invigorating interactions have nurtured in me the qualities of team spirit and the desire to help others. I have attended several rigorous camps and they have cultivated in me a sense of discipline, persistence, diligence and resilience, which I feel is critical for any successful speculation in life. I believe in hard-work and sincerity. My strength lies in my ability to learn from experience and capacity to face challenges on my own.

My objective for a master's degree is to get involved in such a course which could help me in achieving my ultimate goal. I believe that a career in such a field in an intellectually stimulating academic environment will offer me an excellent way to contribute my bit to the life long process of development and dissemination of knowledge. I am fully aware of the kind of dedication and hard work needed, and I am confident of meeting the challenges.

My ultimate aim is to pursue a career in software. After having looked at your web site and consultation with my supervisors, I found that California State University would be the best place to continue my quest for knowledge and excellence. The distinguished faculty at the same and its extensive opportunities makes it ideally suitable to my goals.

I would be immensely delighted to be enrolled as a post-graduate student at California State University (ex Berkeley, Stanford). A Master's degree from this university will give me an up-to-date knowledge to be competent in this contemporary world. After completion of my post graduation, I see myself at a workplace where I solve complex, technological problems that challenge my intellect and fire my imagination. I believe that I have the necessary background and ability to benefit from the teaching activities being carried out at California State University. I would relish the prospect of being a part of an institution as distinguished as yours.

Student Name

Senior undergraduate student

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Thanks a bunch. This helped a lot. D.N. Kimuli 2010-11-24 03:34:21 66

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