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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Pantyhose

BY: Evelyn Lalisan | Category: Women | Submitted: 2010-03-12 00:43:09
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The professional look of a woman would always entail the wearing of pantyhose. It goes well with a skirt or dress. It is a good way to hide some imperfections on your legs. It adds more character to your outfit. More women are into wearing of pantyhose and there are still others who don't go for it. There are advantages and disadvantages of wearing pantyhose and you might as well know some of them. This would make you decide if you want to continue using it or not at all.

The advantage of wearing pantyhose has some healthful benefits. It gives additional support and prevents back and leg soreness. This is most advantageous for women who work as nurses, cashiers or anyone who stand on their feet most of the day. The pantyhose also helps ease or lessen the appearance varicose veins on the legs. There is lesser strain on the leg muscles. It also protects the legs from too much cold and heat. The pantyhose can protect dry skin from breaking out.

In any case, there are also some disadvantages in wearing pantyhose. There would be some health risks such as developing yeast or bacteria infections and urinary tract infections. The tightness of the pantyhose would cause heat to be retained in the material that would affect the woman's PH body condition. This may cause yeast and bacteria to grow due to the PH imbalance and cause the unnecessary infections.

Some prevention has been recommended to make the pantyhose less problematic. The pantyhose have undergone some new styles such as the thigh high pantyhose and the knee high pantyhose. The regular waist high pantyhose which cause some infections can now be worn alternatively with these. Some women may still feel uncomfortable with wearing the high waist pantyhose because it clings to the waist and it takes a bit of a time to take it off and put it on as well because of other undergarments on the body. The two latter kinds of pantyhose have brought about more comfort and ease to wearing them and also prevented infections.

So knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of wearing the pantyhose would help you decide which way you want to go to as far as your professional appearance is concerned. Remember that the pantyhose may be considered as a fashion accessory that could be used for a long time. Women like to wear them because of the varied colors and styles that could improve their professional look. If you have some problems with your legs and back, then you may wear the waist high pantyhose. If you start to have some health issues such as developing infections, then you can opt to use the other kinds of pantyhose available. It is up to your discretion to use the pantyhose to your advantage.

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