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The Negative Sides of GPS Worth Considering

BY: Maya Ballesteros | Category: Technology | Submitted: 2010-09-04 06:51:43
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The GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is deemed to be one of the most useful invention of today. Its most widely known use is to help people find places they want to go, enabling them to drive around in unknown cities independently.
Just like any other technology, however, the GPS also comes with some disadvantages.

The Loss of Map Reading Skills

The availability and the ease the GPS technology offer make the younger generation increasingly lose the ability to read maps. Developers of GPS applications have gone as far as analysing available data to give users the best route to take.
Users need only to sit back and drive waiting for the instructions to turn left or right. This can lead to some problematic situations when the device becomes malfunction or break. Hopefully when this happens to you in the middle of nowhere, you have a map handy. Of course, the more important question is whether or not you know how to use it.

Technology Dependency

Due to the ease of which the GPS provide you, you find yourself using it to navigate your own little town, even when you only need to run down and buy a carton of milk.
This attitude can easily lead to the tendency of using technology anywhere and anytime, as long as there is an application for it. What is it going to be next? An application that will watch the TV for you, perhaps. This is not something advisable as your brains can always use an exercise.

Trust Issues and Detachment
This is especially in the case of company cars and truck drivers. With GPS installed and recording every trip and miles, drivers will develop a small resentment due to knowing that Big Brother is watching. There is also an added loss to some of these drivers who can no longer use the vehicles for personal emergency reasons.

It is understandable that in a situation like the economy today and the never decreasing price of gas, companies want to make sure they are not wasting their overhead on non company purposes.

Still, sensible bosses will usually let employees use company cars for personal reasons as long as those reasons are warrantable. It may not work that way anymore now that there are records of where those cars have been, and bosses need to report to their own bosses.

Manipulation Possibilities
From the point of view of the employers, investing on GPS may have a disadvantage as well. Say you want to install a GPS to your fleet of taxis to make sure your cars are cruising town looking for customers.

Some dishonest employees can be extremely savvy though and will use anything to make sure they can steal a few moments driving the car somewhere you are not going to approve. This is something a business owner needs to look into before investing on the technology of GPS.

Personal Return of Investment
Technology comes and goes and as new ones arrive the old ones decrease in price. This makes it easy for most people to have access and purchase them. We buy this gadget and that because we heard they are extremely useful and at a certain point, a bargain that is not to be missed.

The thing is how useful are they to you personally? Are you using them to the best of their capabilities? Do you spend time learning the nooks and crannies to make sure the GPS device you just bought gives you maximum help? Do you know how to correctly input data it needs in order to help you? What about the additional features the device comes with? Are you going to use them?

When you are not a savvy user, a GPS device may become useless in your hand. That's a good amount of money going down the drain. Not to mention the time wasted as you suffer with frustration and anger of driving around in circles.

Dependency on Satellite
The GPS technology depends heavily on satellite, sending waves to said satellite which detects the signals and sends back information. These satellites are prone to malfunction, however, and when this happens, it effects the functionality of your GPS device as well.

This is why you need to do some initial research to find out how well maintained the satellite backing up your GPS is, as well as checking for connection and response times. Keep in mind that a GPS device works much the same as a cell phone does, depending on satellite coverage.

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