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Most Recent Technology Articles:
  • The Cultural History of Robots    By: Stefan Bach

    Since the 20th century, robots have become a frequent and extensive topic, especially in the domain of Science Fiction. While the imagination of an artificially constructed human can be already found in the antiquity, the steady progress in robotics has led to a new explosiveness regarding a technical realized mechanical human. >> Category: Technology
  • Winning Strategies to Use For Free Energy Devices    By: Joseph Walsh

    If you are quite unsure about setting up your device and wondering if you'll be able to get the electric generator working in your house, then you certainly will find this article very helpful. >> Category: Technology
  • Canon SD400- Getting an Excellent Digital Camera Without Spending Lots of Money    By: Joe Singh

    Highlights of Canon SD400 digicam - Of all the electronic products that are available, the high-end camera captured the most lovers. The quality of output as well as usability makes a electronic camera stick out amongst other models available in the market. >> Category: Technology
  • PC Remedies - Tools For Healing Your PC!    By: Jackson L

    When ever Windows doesn't comprehend a new file extension it's going to offer the end user some sort of alternative to select a program originating from a list. >> Category: Technology
  • Tha Basic Concepts of Data Warehousing    By: sukumar Natarajan

    Data warehouse is a process for assembling and managing data from various sources for the purpose of gaining of the single detailed view of an enterprise. The primary aims in building a data warehouse are to provide a single version of the truth about the enterprise information and to provide good performance for enterprise analysis to manipulate, animate and synthesize enterprise information. It may be a central enterprise-wide data warehouse for use by all the decision makers in the enterprise or it may consist of a number of smaller data warehouses is often called Data marts or Local data warehouse. A data warehouse is a place for, whereas data warehousing describes the process of defining, populating, and using a data warehouse. A data warehouse may be built as a centralized, a data warehouse with data marts is a distributed data warehouse depending on needs of an enterprise. On the other-hand, it is suitable for a large international organization with offices in several countries. Data warehousing is a relatively new technology that involves a number of steps. Data warehouses and on-line analytical processing (OLAP) tools have become essential elements of decision support systems. Traditionally, data warehouses are refreshed periodically by extracting, transforming, cleaning and consolidating data from several operational data sources. The data in the warehouse is then used to generate reports, or to rebuild multidimensional (data cube) views of the data for on-line querying and analysis. >> Category: Technology
  • Destiny of Velious Shifts    By: poler ilere

    As Senior Producer smoke jumper today in the official forum has announced the release of the game Destiny of Velious postponed by several weeks. Place as scheduled on 8 February, the extension now on 22 February 2011. >> Category: Technology
  • Wireless Networking For Faster and Efficient Transmission of Information    By: Nit Infrastructure

    Wireless networking has revolutionised the way we exchange information and data. This kind of a network is very different from the conventional wired networks which can be tapped or intercepted easily and is far less efficient. >> Category: Technology
  • Best Laser Printers - The Available Choices    By: Anisa Author

    Laser printers are relatively newer as compared to inkjet printers. Laser printers are gaining popularity and they are becoming affordable as well. This short article will provide you with some excellent choices with regards to laser printers. >> Category: Technology
  • Retrieving Deleted Texts on IPhone 3G    By: Anisa Author

    Are you an iPhone owner? Have you mistakenly deleted a very important text message of yours and you are wondering how on earth could you recover it? Don't worry and find out how you can recover your deleted texts on iPhone!. >> Category: Technology
  • Options to Look For While Choosing an Operating System!    By: Anisa Author

    Selecting a right operating system may be difficult for those who are not much familiar with pros and cons of each operating system available out there. This article will quickly review the particular advantages and disadvantages of three of the most common operating systems to help you make a wise choice. >> Category: Technology
  • Technological Changes and Its Effects on 'Solution Providers'    By: Anisa Author

    It is a fact that one can neither stop technological change from happening nor can avoid it; there is no other option then to accept the change and alter one's own ways of doing business so as to stay competitive. Let us see how the current technology change is affecting solution providing businesses! >> Category: Technology
  • IPhone Applications - Getting Popular Day by Day    By: Anisa Author

    Popularity of iPhones is evident from the sales figure it showed upon its release in April 2010. Let us discuss a few must-have iPhone applications available at official Apple app store. >> Category: Technology
  • Rising Technologies That Will Alter the World Entirely!    By: Anisa Author

    Technologies have totally transformed the way we live and technical advances have taken up an unbelievable speed. Technologies are actually converging in ways no one might have foreseen. In this article I will emphasize on some of the most interesting technologies out there. >> Category: Technology
  • Best Moving Companies    By: Movingaht Movingaht

    Moving Guardian is a company dedicated to revealing the whole truth about the moving industry as it exists today, exposing moving scams and educating consumers about the inner workings of professional moving companies >> Category: Technology
  • Shopping Online: Tips and Tricks    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Shopping online is a good alternative to the traditional way, if not a far better way to shop. No driving and parking hassle, no frustrating search for the goods you want and no queueing to pay. >> Category: Technology
  • Facebook Status Updates: The Do's and the Don'ts    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Updating status on Facebook is a daily routine for most users. Those who are considered hardcore do it even more than once a day. There is no hard and fast rules, of course, regarding how many times you should or should not update your status. >> Category: Technology
  • Online Shopping: The Ease of Technology You Definitely Should Try    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Whenever it is possible, online shopping is always the best choice. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much easier it is to shop online as compared to the traditional shopping. When you have experienced the convenience of online shopping it is unlikely that you will want to go back to the old way of shopping. >> Category: Technology
  • What to Always Bring When Having a Laptop on the Go    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Laptop is supposed to make things easier for us, to enable us to actually have a personal computer on the go. As it happens though there are a handful of things you need to bring along when you leave somewhere carrying your laptop. Assuming you leave with a laptop to go to the office or on a business appointment, below is the list of things you should bring with you. >> Category: Technology
  • Online Money Transfer: The Best Sites to Help You Do So    By: Maya Ballesteros

    More and more people are shopping and doing business online, it is possible that soon we won't be seeing physical cash anymore. Thanks to online money transfer. >> Category: Technology
  • Negative Impact of Rapid Technology Development    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Technology is amazing when you are using it right. Nevertheless, the ease and time saving feature technology present us do have some negative impacts. >> Category: Technology
  • What is Phishing: Definition, Ways of Spotting and Avoiding It    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Phishing, a phonetic word play for fishing, is so called because the practice baits you with supposedly legit reasons for you to provide the phiser with personal data. >> Category: Technology
  • Viruses, Trojans and Worms: The Many Threats Against Personal Computer    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Every computer owner has definitely heard of virus, trojan and worms. Whether or not they know exactly what each of these is, they have heard and know these programming codes are dangerous for their computer or laptop. >> Category: Technology
  • Buying a New Laptop: Must-Have Programs    By: Maya Ballesteros

    It is clear that laptops are a must have for most people these days. For those of you who have just decided to buy one, you might wonder if the types of software you need are going to be different with the ones you used to have with the good old desktop. >> Category: Technology
  • The Best Add Ons For Your Firefox    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Add Ons are browser's free extensions which can be added to ensure your browsing experience with Firefox is exactly the way you want it to be. >> Category: Technology
  • Top Gadgets Needed by Today's University Students    By: Maya Ballesteros

    The students of today barely use textbooks or the library, they do research online. Gone are the lined, paper notebooks and ballpoint pens, these days notes are simply not taken that way. What they need are electronic gadgets. >> Category: Technology
  • The Negative Sides of GPS Worth Considering    By: Maya Ballesteros

    The GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is deemed to be one of the most useful invention of today. Its most widely known use is to help people find places they want to go, enabling them to drive around in unknown cities independently. Just like any other technology, however, the GPS also comes with some disadvantages. >> Category: Technology
  • Keeping Children Safe Online    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Keeping your children safe online may be a lot of work but this is definitely the work you don't want to skip. >> Category: Technology
  • Cyber Crime: The Many Types of Online Harm    By: Maya Ballesteros

    Cyber crime is an ongoing battle everyone is facing. The only way to find protection is by educating yourself continuously and keeping your online security measures up to date. >> Category: Technology
  • Robotic Technology and Its Impact on Law Enforcement and Police Duty    By: Maya Ballesteros

    There are many dangerous situation faced by police officers everyday which can be less risky when dealt with by robots. These situations can be those faced in the field, during trainings or even phases of design. >> Category: Technology
  • Technology - A Blessing Or a Curse!    By: Anisa Author

    Though technology has made our lives easier but can we categorize it as a blessing? It is quite debatable because where we have so many advantages of technology there are negativities as well. Let's see its positive and negative effects! >> Category: Technology
  • Planning to Give Laptop as a Gift? - Avoid These Mistakes:    By: Anisa Author

    This article will let you know what to look for while purchasing laptop to be presented as a gift to your beloved. Avoid the mistakes presented here and impress the receiver. >> Category: Technology
  • Pagani Zonda R, Fendi Bike and Our Future.    By: Alessandro Saetta Vinci

    Soon, we'll be driving oval cubic potatoe-fuelled, self-guided scooters made out of paper. In the meantime, let's all buy idiotic gadgets, senseless cars and stupid bikes. >> Category: Technology
  • Biotechnlogy Teachers: Is It the Next Big Employment Wave of Future?    By: Guest User

    Biotechnology is the fastest growing field in the field of science and there is a very high demand of biotech professionals, teachers and professors nationwide. >> Category: Technology
  • The Uses of Networking    By: Deidre Dorsett

    Networking can be amazing whether you do it online or other ways. You might do it and not even know that you do it. There is power behind networking. >> Category: Technology
  • For God Sake, Forget Ferraris and Porsches, Get a Lotus Elise.    By: Alessandro Saetta Vinci

    A semi serious review of the best handling and most lunatic car in the world. Lotus Elise is light, it's fast, it's good looking, it's a convertible, and what's more, quintessentially British. >> Category: Technology
  • My Thoughts About Technology    By: Evelyn Lalisan

    New Technology is good. It is useful and it can make life easier for us. It is just good to know how new technology would affect our daily life. It is still smart to keep in mind that we use technology because it is there; you use it, take care of it, but remember not o be overwhelmed by it, >> Category: Technology
  • Free Windows Downloads Makes Your Life Easier    By: Jessica Parker

    Microsoft has conceived for you some free tools that will improve the way Windows 7 works. You are not completely done until you find free Windows downloads. >> Category: Technology
  • Enhance Your Security With a Fingerprint Door Lock    By: Guest User

    Security should be a top concern for everybody. Installing a fingerprint door lock is an affordable way to put an end to all your problems concerning security. >> Category: Technology
  • Choices in the Optimization of Your Small Business Website    By: Guest User

    A small business website needs to have a good content management system. Such system keeps your operation cost down, works more efficiently as well as providing small business website with a large variety of features. >> Category: Technology
  • Video Blogging: Responsibilities, Self-Expression, and Success Stories    By: Guest User

    Expressing oneself is a natural and even good thing to do. That's why video blogging has become a major hit in the Internet; it sure does a huge impact to the audience. >> Category: Technology
  • Internet is the New Phone Book!    By: Guest User

    Looking up a number meant always searching in the phone book, but now this has changed. The Internet is presently one great alternative to the phone book. >> Category: Technology
  • Ten Helpful Tips to Protect Yourself Online    By: Evelyn Lalisan

    The internet is a powerful source of information.Anything you write about is stored and read about by million internet buffs. It would be an advantage if you take extra precaution about providing information about yourself and your family. Personal details may be hacked or used against you. >> Category: Technology
  • UFO Evidence - the Mystery Discounted Or Concealed?    By: Guest User

    The issue on UFO existence is never-dying; the so-called evidences seemed to leave a lot of question marks in the air. But unless it is proven, people might have yet to rely of what our present science has to offer; their existences still a matter of human opinion. >> Category: Technology
  • COVIM - Design and Manufacture of Glass Bottles    By: Sarah Natali

    COVIM is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and packaging of glass bottles. It is an Italian company specialized in designing, manufacturing and packaging of glass bottles. >> Category: Technology
  • Original Ringtones    By: brice salek

    Original ringtones are the best and if you want new mp3 ringtones, you should know about Ringtone Records . >> Category: Technology
  • Hybrid Car - The Latest Eco-Friendly Car Technology    By: Guest User

    The latest car innovation, called hybrid cars, give a revolutionary impact in the car industry . This super ultra low emission vehicle uses available technology in order to obtain excellent results without affecting the environment. >> Category: Technology
  • Google Goggles - the Ultimate Search Technology    By: Guest User

    The advanced Google search technology, Goggles, will redefine the meaning of search optimization. This new application enables the use images for search inquiries. While still on its beta phase, Goggles will surely a a helpful and relevant upgrade in searching information in the web. >> Category: Technology
  • Cheap vs. Durable Computer Keyboard - Which One to Choose?    By: Guest User

    Buying the right computer keyboard is a tricky task, and you're always torn between having to prioritize durability over price. Knowing your needs, and perusing the unit itself may give you a better understanding of the right keyboard that your suit your pocket. >> Category: Technology
  • Security Cameras and Safety    By: Evelyn Lalisan

    New technology has paved the way for more modern and complicated security cameras. The purpose of these cameras is to ensure safety of people and property. More of them are installed in public venues like airports, banks, malls, car parks and even homes. >> Category: Technology
  • Those Damn Eco-Mentalists.    By: Alessandro Saetta Vinci

    They want us to drive electric washing machines, eat eco-friendly bananas. I just want a petrol sandwich! >> Category: Technology

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