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  • Practical and Simple Ways to Prevent Wrinkles on the Forehead    By: Eve

    Wrinkles commonly appear on the forehead. These fine lines may add some character to your face, but then, to some, they feel that that the wrinkles make them look more mature. Fortunately, you can do some practical and simple ways to prevent and lessen the occurrence of wrinkles on your forehead. A good diet, a simple beauty regimen and a positive outlook are just some of these effective methods against wrinkles.
  • A Greener Way of Life | Living an environment friendly lifestyle    By: Eve

    Having a lifestyle that would help safeguard the environment is good. It can be done by thinking green- a habit of being able to protect the environment by adapting some simple and practical ways. Start in your home by practicing cost saving tips, eating healthy, buying more local products, practicing the reuse and recycle methods and doing activities that would help save more costs, energy and time for you.
  • The Mechanism of Memory Storage in Human Brains    By: DrRitu

    Good and powerful memory is one of the most important tools a human mind can have to increase their effectiveness in life. The world keeps on feeding endless information’s in our head. Our mind does an excellent job of filtering and storing few useful from a gamut of irrelevant information’s. The data once stored in the mind is retrieved by our conscious brain depending on its utility and need. Our mind is like a filing cabinet, and well stored file will be easier to locate and retrieve.
  • Getting bogged down at work? Spend quality time with your loved ones, practice time management    By: DrRitu

    How many times did you hear people saying that they don’t have time in even saying a “Hello” to you when they are running through a hectic time at work? They often complain that they don’t know how the day has gone by so fast. If you think little differently you will understand that the time from 9 to 5 is same for everyday. It is all about how you utilize your time better and more productively. Here I try to give a few tips which can help you manage your time in a more productive manner.
  • Tips for Healthy and Sparkling White Teeth for a beautiful smile    By: DrRitu

    In United States dental care is given prime importance. The health and shine of tooth is extremely important for any individual, but in US this criteria is given lot of weight age. Understanding this requirement; many companies has jumped in to satisfy this need of the world and make few money for themselves. Corporate know how attractive it is for people to have a sparkling white teeth, and people can do spare few dollars to buy a suitable product, satisfying their requirement.
  • Regrow your beautiful hair today.. Prevent hair loss    By: DrRitu

    Do you feel shy going out and meet people because of your baldness? Loss of scalp hair is now a days becoming a common problem to not only the older people but to the youth as well. Hair loss can happen to anybody due to quite a number of reasons. Let us try to analyze the probable causes of hair loss.
  • Your Different Moods: Easy Methods to Develop and Perk Them Up    By: Eve

    Everybody can be moody. We are capable of having good moods or bad moods. It is considered as human nature to have them. Our moods may depend on the time or day, how we feel about ourselves and about others and some other reasons that may arise which we may be aware of or not. Moods may vary from being optimistic to pessimistic, depressive, enthusiastic, downbeat or even cases of being destructive and harmful.
  • Home Remedies to Avoid Smelly and Stinky Feet    By: Eve

    The feet are one of the most abused parts of the body. We use our feet in almost all activities that we do- standing, walking, running, jumping, biking, for exercising, for sports and even when sitting down. It is just right that we need to take good care of them. They have to be kept clean always. Sometimes, with so many activities that we do with our feet, there would be problems that we may encounter.
  • Depression - Learn how to fight your biggest enemy    By: DrRitu

    The negative impact of depression is much deeper than mere focusing on health related issues. Time is precious; if you are depressed you are spending time not being happy. If you are not happy you must be thinking sad or negative. A mind full of negative and sad thoughts does't harm your body but also affects the psyche of the people around you. A depressed person can’t imagine of living one moment with happiness. This is one dream that he can see but can never achieve.
  • Saying Goodbye to 2009    By: Eve

    How do you say goodbye to 2009? It may start with going back to the start of the year and recalling memories, good or bad, happy or sad and whatever feelings you might have recalling those memories. You try to reflect about the decisions you made either right or wrong and the consequences that followed when you made them.
  • Follow a skin care program that will give you a sparkling complexion    By: DrRitu

    Cleansing is the first step of all skin care program. The purpose of cleaning, as the name suggest, is to clean the skin from any dust, deposited oil, dead cells etc. Process of application of cleaners is also important to effect a thorough cleansing. Select a good cleanser, pour it on soft, clean cotton and gently scrub off the dust etc off your face. Take extreme care that you are not rubbing your skin surface. You perform the process of cleaning one in the morning and one in the evening.
  • The ways of developing automatic vocabulary    By: DrRitu

    A strong vocabulary is synonymous with you ability of expression of your thoughts and feelings. If you are a writer, your vocabulary is your right hand. An industrial professional is asked to read and write several emails and letters each day. A powerful build of vocabulary will only increase his understanding and efficiency of work. But the bigger picture that the trivial things discussed earlier is your ability to express. All successful people have always been very expressive.
  • Your Steady and quite mind can conquer the world    By: DrRitu

    It’s a well said saying that a steady and quite mind can conquer the world but nothing can conquer a steady & quite mind. A quite and steady mind is like a sports car with Michael Schumacher behind the wheels. The car can be driven with drift, speed, brake, acceleration and fun. The car takes the path you want it to take. A calm mind is exactly the same. A cam mind is nothing but a mind with a careful driver, a mind which knows its strength and weaknesses.
  • The Spirit of Giving and Sharing - Not Only This Christmas Season But All Year Round    By: Eve

    The spirit of giving and sharing is at its peak during the Christmas season. People are so generous to dole out gifts, money and other things to people they care about, and at times to charity, too. This innate feeling in us is always there. It’s not only for special seasons like the holidays that we should be able to give and share whatever we have in abundance.
  • You can loose weight without strenuous workout-trainings    By: DrRitu

    We will show you few quick tips and suggestions that can jumpstart your negative energy balance allowing your system to burn those extra calories / fat accumulated in your body. Think about those fat burgers and pizzas you have taken in the past that has brought to face this ill health. This article is big blows to all those bad habits that you have maintained in the past years making you feel sick.
  • Time Management in work is as important for company as it is for your family    By: DrRitu

    How many times you have said to yourself that you need to change “working culture” of your office. If you can be more specific, you will realize that the most contributing factor leading to a bad working culture is working overtime in office. If you have a boss who does twelve hours a day and still thinks about work when at home is a pain.
  • The best way of anger management is to socialize more    By: DrRitu

    Anger can act both as your strength and weakness. Being passive is as harmful as being excessively angry. Excessive anger is like mild poison that eats into your inner system than affecting your enemy. Anger management is important to keep your self-destruction in check. Your anger can only make you weaker.
  • Stress Management - What is stress and the science behind it.    By: DrRitu

    Stress is a feeling of too much of pressures on you. Stress is the way of spontaneous reaction of the body against some particular events so that your body will overcome that event with full focus and strength. There is a science behind stress. When we get sudden pressure from any event our nervous system get stimulated. The hypothalamus situated inside the brain releases hormone adrenaline directly into blood which stimulates our heart rate, increase breathing, increase sweating...
  • Ego - Do You Have One ?    By: Eve

    Your ego may work for and against you. Regardless whether your ego is strong or weak it still somehow affects the way we feel, how we deal with people and so on. Aware or not, the ego can be influenced by some factors surrounding us...
  • Don't Let Fear Ruin Your Life.    By: Eve

    Fear is an emotion, a very negative one that makes life miserable for you. It has to be controlled and not let it affect your whole life...
  • Change in my lifestyle after writing on this website    By: devan

    I want to share with people in this forum about my experience after seeing this website.
  • How to Make Word document ... Famous    By: NightingalePelican

    I've composed a short write up and I want to make it famous with the online community? How do we do that?
  • Fast food and Obesity - Weight and diet control - Children & Kids    By: Diane

    Useful tips to cut calories from the fast food meal. They make kids fat and children obese. Do not eat these meals or avoid them. Dangers and problems of fast food.

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