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  • Competition - How competition can help improve people    Category: Others

    How competition can help improve people. I started writing in this web-page once I came to know about this website and expressed my opinions on different topics. At that time it was seen the highest number of articles by a person was around ten. Initially I wrote just to satisfy my urge to express my views on different and diverse topics.
  • Asthma exercise    Category: Others

    Sharing my experience about asthma. I have been experiencing asthma or wheezing problem for sometime on occasional basis.
  • A website to use - Yahoo answers    Category: Nature

    a view about the Yahoo answers link
  • Between spouses - Resolving the difference of opinion    Category: Relationships

    This is my view about how and why difference of opinion between spouses occur and it can be resolved.
  • Gardening and health and time    Category: Others

    Gardening is the best hobby one can have . opinion on the different aspects of gardening in day to day life is narrated .
  • Careers in the present world    Category: Careers

    There are lot of opportunities now for choosing a career. The various aspects are discussed here.
  • Sports and man    Category: Sports

    Sports is an area which plays a crucial role in a man's life. the different ways in which people approach it are analysed here.
  • Shopping and its usefulness    Category: Shopping

    Shopping - The word is literally used every day by us. It is used for daily items to special occasion purchase.
  • Future predictions    Category: Others

    Everybody is interested in knowing about future . How differently it is approached by people is discussed here
  • Technology and Life    Category: Technology

    How technology can be put to best use and how man can live a better life
  • How everyone can contribute to politics    Category: Politics

    This article is about how each and every one of us can contribute in politics. Further to that we can give our opinion about how or what we expect the politicians to do for betterment of the people
  • Nature is something which can take care of itself    Category: Nature

    Nowadays the topic of discussion is global warming , protecting nature etc. here are some of my views on this topic.
  • Finance from the view point of a middle income group man    Category: Finance

    Finance is something which everybody needs . it is an essential ingradient for living. let me share my view from my experience.
  • Tips for asthma management    Category: Health

    Few tips which can be used by asthma patients is given both to avoid occurence and management to avoid recurrence
  • A narrative on animals and birds - A commentary    Category: Animals

    I am interested in spending time watching nature . Here is a narration of a day's events
  • Writing as an art for leisure    Category: Writing

    There are many ways one can spend time. The best way is to express one's views for others to see and comment so that the cultural growth we are trying to achieve will be a good one.
  • Nature, Particularly human nature    Category: Nature

    By nature we are born to live and for living we carry out some actions. each one of us from the time of birth , create some habits . how those habits become a standard practice for us is being discussed here.
  • power of sleep    Category: Health

    Sleep is a time of the day when we recuperate our energy for a fresh living. let us see some aspects of sleep as experienced by different people
  • Silence --the great power within    Category: Relationships

    Everyday life is seen by people in different ways. for some it is very arduous. for some it is very boring. fr some it is adventurous. everyone in some time or other in their life would have felt the loss of ideas for action.or simply not clear as to how to proceed with a situation. Here is my experience of handling such situations
  • Basic steps for a happy home    Category: Home Improvement

    I want to share my experience in life from which i learnt lot of lessons on how to improve our working / living atmosphere at home. Hope you enjoy reading it and makes your life more useful and happy.
  • Childhood memories    Category: Nature

    This is about childhood habits which may be impacting the behavior of people.
  • Time management    Category: Others

    This is a discussion about availability of time and its utility by various group of people.
  • Life and Uncertainty    Category: Others

    The article is about life and the main aspect of life, that is time. It starts the moment we enter this world form the womb and exists till we go to another world !!!. In the in between time, which is not fixed, we learn many things as we grow up and based on that lead our life.
  • Change in my lifestyle after writing on this website    Category: Self Improvement

    I want to share with people in this forum about my experience after seeing this website.
  • Credit cards boon and bane    Category: Finance

    A view on the use of credit cards, also do and don't s to avoid pitfalls.
  • How to maintain health with minimum actions    Category: Health

    In this age of fast food , we tend to forget or feel lethargic to do exercises regularly and end up having more medicines for the ailments. This is my view of how one can allot minimum time and still do the basic activities for a healthy life.
  • God of 22nd century    Category: Religion

    This is an article about narada and his view about 22nd century and god. My movements are much restricted nowadays with lot of mobile operators , Flights ,Satellites and rockets. Somehow managed to meet Narayanji and asked him how human beings can manage things when a triloka sanchari like me is finding it difficult.

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